Hello Flying Samaritans,

Below is the meeting minutes from last week along with some reminders and information on upcoming events that are going on. 

October Clinic: we will be having an orphanage with about 55 kids come to our clinic. We have 4 providers scheduled to attend and around 40 volunteers have been picked for this clinic. If you have been assigned a fundraiser spot and are eligible to go, this is a reminder of the October Clinic requirements:
  • Membership application and due ($20)
  • Purchase Scrubs ($15)
  • Passport
  • Attend 1 clinical training (next one is on October 7th)
  • Attend a general meeting
  • $10 Pharmacy donation and $10 for Mexican Insurance/Gas (will be collected on the day of the clinic)
  • Attend the fundraiser on October 2nd. (eligibility list was sent out last week)

Pre-health mixer: as mentioned in a separate email, various pre-health groups are putting together an event where you will be able to interact with other pre-health students. This is a great event to attend if you want to know more about other groups on campus but haven't had the time to attend their informational meetings. There will be catered food from OB BBQ House and fun activities so theres no excuse not to come out and have fun! Groups that are going to be there include:
  • Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students (APPS)
  • Post-Bac Association (PBA)
  • American Medical Students Association (AMSA)
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED – Pre-Professional Honor Society)
  • Focus (Pre-Optometry)
  • Flying Samaritans
  • Physician Assistant Student Association (PASA)
When: Saturday, October 5th @ 12 PM
Where: South Mission Beach Park (North Jetty)

Please RSVP on this google doc by October 2nd!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ygvfPvdh4_NvwYaAIs7zGTIM_KmZ6pasMxkKKlot5hY/viewform

Walk to End Alzheimer's Volunteer Event: The Alzheimer Association of San Diego is in need of additional volunteers for their walk on Saturday October 5th at 4pm at Oceanside Pier. Those who are interested in volunteering should go to alz.org/sandiego and sign up as a volunteer for the walk as any of the listed jobs. They would really appreciate any help that you can give them! 

- Fundraiser: Wednesday Oct. 2nd from 7:45-2pm
- RSVP for Pre-health Mixer: Oct. 2nd
- Pre-health Mixer: Saturday Oct 5th at 12pm
- Meeting + Clinic Training: Oct. 7th 6pm-7pm at Aztec Mesa 101
- October Clinic: Oct.12th

Hello Flying Samaritans!

The first meeting of the Fall 2013 semester has passed! Thank you to everyone, new and old members, for coming to the meeting and showing interest in our organization. Our group is growing so fast, and we have many exciting things to look forward to this semester, so I encourage everyone to stay involved and committed because it will definitely be worth it in the end.

I also want to congratulate all members who volunteered at the September 14th Clinic. Over 70 patients were seen by medical providers and over 130 were seen by Optometrists. With that said, over 200 patients were registered and helped by medical professionals this past Saturday all thanks to our amazing volunteers. 

Here is a recap of the meetings on September 9th and 10th:

Officer Introductions:

  •  Ruth Aguilar: President
  • Gabe Vahi: External Vice President
  • Gisela Gonzalez: Internal Vice President 
  • Tu-Uyen Tran: Secretary
  •  Maryam Omar: Treasure
  • Jennifer Cullison: Public Relations
  • Jennifer Felix: Fundraising Chair
  • Hayley Gorman: Fundraising Chair
  • Jose Gonzalez: Public Health
  • Adriana Guzman: Public Health
  • Brandon Nanquil: Pharmacy Chair
  • Jeremy Borbon: Pharmacy Chair
  • Andres Marroquin: Resource Coordinator
  • Mitzi Albano: Clinic Coordinator

What is Flying Samaritans all about:

  • The Flying Samaritans of SDSU is a group of students, alumni, faculty, and medical professionals dedicated to providing free health care to the people of Ejido Matamoros, Mexico through running a monthly medical clinic. 
  • This is a youtube clip of our clinic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVgb1zYkEH8

Membership Requirements

  • Membership Fee ($20)
  • Purchase navy blue scrubs ($15)
  • Attend 1 clinical training 
  • Attend 1 meeting before every clinic
  • Passport
  • Attend a Fundraiser before every clinic
  • Donate $10 for pharmacy supplies every clinic

Clinical Training:

  • To improve the quality of our clinics, we will start having clinical trainings at the end of some general meetings. We will go over the stations and set-ups so that everyone is on the same page with what is expected of you at the clinic and what are the duties at each station. This is a requirement for everyone, even if you’ve been to a clinic before.  You only have to attend 1 clinical training.
  • Below is the Orientation packet was handed out at the meeting. Please print out a copy for yourself if you did not receive one yet, this is your go-to packet if you are unsure about any procedures. Bring the packet with you to the next meeting if you still have to attend a training day. Our next clinical training will take place on Monday, October 7th at the end of the meeting in Aztec Mesa 101 at 6pm. 


  • Running Flying Samaritans is really a huge team effort. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order for the clinics to run smoothly and efficiently. With that said, the officers are always in need of help to work on projects. We are opening up committee positions for members to take advantage of, if they want to help out. Essentially you will be working with officers such as the Vice Presidents, Fundraising Chairs, Pharmacy Coordinators, Public Health Educators, and Clinic Coordinator with some of their duties as part of a learning experience. You will learn what each position does and how much time and work is needed to fulfill those positions. When it comes time for elections, we will take into account your involvement in these committees. A separate email will be sent for these committees.

Our next meetings will be Monday, September 23rd and Tuesday, September 24th in Aztec Mesa 101 at 6pm. Please mark your calendars!

Our October fundraiser will be held on Wednesday, October 2nd from 7:30am-1pm. You must sign up at the meeting! It is a first come first serve basis. I will have 12 1hr slots on Monday and 12 1hr slots on Tuesday. You must volunteer for one hour at this fundraiser in order to participate at the October clinic. 

Important Dates:

1. Meetings: Monday, September 23rd and Tuesday, September 24th in Aztec Mesa 101 at 6pm. If you want to sign up for the fundraiser, you must attend this meeting.

2. Fundraiser: Wednesday, October 2nd from 7:30am-1pm

3. Clinical Training: Monday, October 7th at 6pm in Aztec Mesa 101.

4. Clinic: Saturday, October 12th in Tijuana, Mexico

Thank you,

Tu-Uyen Tran

SDSU Flying Samaritans Secretary

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I.Ice Breaker

-Why did you decide to join Flying Sam’s?

-What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

II. Officer Introductions

-Ruth: President

-Randy: Pharmacy Coordinator 

-Hayley: Secretary

-Rasa: Tresurer

-Jen: Vice President

-Gabe: Vice President

-Jose: Resource Coordinator

III.Clinic Information

-We meet at 7am and leave the clinic around 3:30-4pm. Coming back to the US depends on boarder traffic

-Dr’s, PA’s, RN, OBGN have come to the clinic before. A surgeon, Dr Patal, and PA is expected to come to the upcoming clinic

-We are taking 25 people to this coming clinic. Priority will be given to people with certifications such as RN or EMT, drivers, and people that participate in the fundraisers

-We have a triage station, lab station with urinalysis and glucose testing, pharmacy, and opportunities to shadow the doctors

-Must have passport or passport card in order to come to the clinic

IV. Requirements 

-For the upcoming clinic you must:

1.Fill out an Application with member fee ($20)

2.Buy Scrubs ($15)

3.Attend a meeting before a clinic trip. 

4.Attend a fundraiser or donate $10 (Barwest or Krispy Kreme)

V. Barwest Fundraiser
-Thank you to everyone that came to the Barwest fundraiser! We made over $500 which was a great success

-Someone didn't claim their raffle prize from the fundraiser (surfing lessons) so we are raffling them off to anyone at the meeting tonight

VI. Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
-We are doing a Krispy Kreme fundraiser on October 3rd (Wednesday).

-We are passing out a sign up sheet with one hour slots that people can sign up for to work the table

-It will be on Campanile Walkway which is in front of Hepner Hall for those who don’t know

-This will satisfy the requirement for the fundraiser category to be eligible to attend the clinic

VII. Princeton Review
-We spoke to a representative at Princeton Review and have decided to do an auction for an MCAT prep class which has a value of $2000

-We are starting the bidding at $1000

-Also we have codes for 10% off of the class when the Rep. attends one of our meetings

-Officers get 20% off

Below is a list of items we need for our upcoming banquet.  Please comment on this post with which item you will be bringing so we do not have duplicates of the same item.    

Item #1 Entrée Serving 5 people

Item #2 Entrée Serving 5 people

Item #3 Entrée serving 5 people

Item #4 Entrée Serving 5 people

Item #5 Side Serving 5 people

Item #6 Side Serving 5 people

Item #7 Side Serving 5 people

Item #8 Side Serving 5 people

Item #9 Napkins for 25-30 ppl

Item #10 Plates for 25-30 ppl

Item #11 Forks for 25-30 ppl

Item #12 Spoonsfor 25-30 ppl

Item #13 Knifes for 25-30 ppl

Item #14 Cups for 25-30 ppl

Item #15 Water

Item # 16 Beverage

Item # 17 Beverage

Item #18 Beverage

Item#19 Dessert

Item#20 Dessert

Item#21 Dessert

Below is a list of items we need for our upcoming clinic.  Please comment on this post with which item you will be bringing so we do not have duplicates of the same item.   

Item #1 Black Trash Bags (1 box 20 count)
Item #2 Water Bottles (1 pack 35 count)
Item #3 Mat (1 count)
Item #4 Snellen Eye Chart (1 count)
Item #5 Pill Counter (1 count)
Item #6 Ace bandage Wraps (1 box)
Item #7 Uncrustables (1 box 18 count)
Item# 8 Uncrustables (1 box 18 count)
Meeting 4/2/12 Minutes
Officer Elections- April 30th
Next Semester-We will be implementing a system to attend a certain number of meetings and clinics to be a member. People who cannot go to Mexico- requirement of 4 meetings
Next Clinic- April 14th Meet at Alturra Apartments as usual there will be a health fair this weekend 70-100 people expected
1 PA, 1 Dr, and 1 PA student will be attending as well as 70 to 100 patients 
Remember* 20$ member fee and 11$ for a shirt
Unspoken requiremnt- bring a doctor to a clinic and or pa you do not need to do the requirements for the rest of the semester
On Clinic days Bring 5$ for gas and 5$for mexican insurance.
Banquest- May 4th at Chilis
Flying Sams conference


New position Available- CSSC rep needed from wednesdays from 1-2 and needs to be associated with the school or would make an effort to be the official school liason for the flying samaritans. 
Last Clinic- Saw 32 patients on March 11th. 
Next Clinic is April 14th
Health Fair will be held the weekend after the clinic. We need transportation from the other villages to the clinic ( we are looking for a transporter). We will be working harder to spread the word!

Expand and reach out for our next clinic- Give flyers to the stores near by. 

We need to work more on Risk Management- we must make sure to not be exposed to illnesses. 
Dental- Reach out to other dentists and acquire dental equipment. 

The April 21st health fair is canceled, but it will be combined with the next clinic .
Requirements for next Clinic
- Attend 1 meeting
-Attend fundraiser/event/item (check the blog for items and make sure to post a comment on the comment section!!)
-Coldstone fundraiser 21st-24th
- Event: go down to the clinic and sort over 1,000 pounds of medication (April 7th)
-Krispy Kreme Fundraiser coming up! ( look out for the email)
Planned Parenthood wants to become partners with us and advocate for reproductive freedom and in exchange we will be getting contraception and free printing! 
Below is a list of items we need for our upcoming clinic.  Please comment on this post with which item you will be bringing so we do not have duplicates of the same item.  

Item #1: Manilla Folders (30 pack)
Item #2: Uncrustables PB and J Sandwiches (18 Count)
Item #3: Uncrustable PB and J Sandwiches (18 count)
Item #4: Condoms (1 box 12 count)
Item #5:  One Touch Ultra Blue Test Strips (Glucose Test strips 100 count)
Items #6: Height Weight Growth Chart
Item #7: Otoscope
Item #8: Otoscope Covers (At least 10 count)
Item #9: Toilet paper (9 rolls)
Clinic 3 Updates
33 Patients
Next Clinic:  Will be MARCH 10th We will be having more patients, therefore we need to follow procedures and be accurate and quick as possible.
Eligibility requirements are switched up due to the different supplies that are needed.
REQUIREMENT: 1 meeting, 1 fundraiser/event, 1 item. If you are an EMT or spanish speaker you are no longer allowed to be exempt from one of the requirements. Everyone is required to to attend 1 meeting, fundraiser/event, and 1 item. In the case that we have MORE THAN 30 Volunteers, priority will be given to EMT's, Drivers, Spanish Speakers, member activity etc.
If you cannot attend meeting you will need to bring an extra item. An updated list of items will be on the website.
We want to start providing patients with follow ups and also keep statistics of the patients.
Banquet- Late April

December 3rd Clinic Information: In case patients leave, please have them tell you. We will have a post-it system so that if the patient leaves (or cannot be found) we will label the file with a yellow post-it and put in a separate pile. However, if it is a priority patient you put a red post-it on it. So if they leave and are high priority they need to still be seen ASAP.

Glucose testing- alcohol, cotton, then prick. So that you prevent getting the alcohol in the glucose concentrate.

Address to Park: 8707 Fletcher Fletcher Parkway, La Mesa, California 91942. Alterra/Parking Structure