Hello All, 
To update those that did not make it to the second meeting, we have 
made great progress on the goals laid out at the last meeting, but we 
still have much to do. 

Contacting Professionals Team: 
We have 3 doctors, 1 PA, 2 nurses and 2 EMTs that have expressed 
interest in attending our clinic.  This is a good start towards our 
goal of 15 medical professionals.  I would like to see more of an 
effort to go to hospitals, ask around, make connections, and bug 
people.  You'll be surprised at how willing people are to help when 
you are confident and explain yourself.  I will send out a letter 
directed at doctors that might help you guys in winning their contact 

Fundraising Team: 
GREAT JOB! The fundraising team has already started selling candy, 
getting donations, and we have a Padres game fundraiser on September 
24th when they play the Dodgers.  You guys have a lot of really great 
ideas and you should put them into practice.  Continue working hard 
and sell those Padre tickets please! 

Recognized by School Team: 
After letting go of our first flakey faculty advisor, we now have Dr. 
Estralia Martin as our faculty advisor.  We are making progress in 
jumping through all the necessary hoops to get the school's blessing. 
The next step will be to get the bylaws written correctly. 

Supplies (Miscellaneous) Team: 
My parent’s living room is filled with boxes of medications and 
supplies that we can use at our clinic.  We have a med sorting party 
scheduled for the 18th, where we will inventory all of the materials 
that we have thus far.  Until further notice, this team should stick 
to the temporary attached list of supplies at the bottom of this post. 

In order to make them more effective, I am reshuffling the teams: 

Contacting Professionals Team: Ayda Delpassand 
(aydelpass...@ymail.com), Linnae Shahbaz (Linnael...@sbcglobal.net), 
Nicky Herrick (nicky...@gmail.com), Bryant Esquejo 
(BEsqu...@gmail.com), Ruthie Tejada (rth...@yahoo.com) 

Fundraising Team: Ruth Aguilar (ruthaguila...@hotmail.com), Rasa Rafie 
(rassuh...@yahoo.com), Elena Lenkova (elena_lenk...@yahoo.com), Angela 
Zakinova (angelazak...@hotmail.com) 

Recognized by School Team: Matthew Schrader 
(matthew.j.schra...@gmail.com), Alex Arena (awaren...@gmail.com) 

Supplies Team: Andrew Woerner (ajwoer...@sbcglobal.net), Marcella 
Daher (marcellada...@yahoo.com), Tara Atigh (tara.at...@gmail.com), 
Luke Suder (lsuder...@gmail.com), Meg Almazan (megalma...@yahoo.com), 
Abygail Gumbayan (abygailgumba...@gmail.com) 

Please don't feel as though you can't help out with other teams, this 
is just to help you guys focus your energies. I consider your 
diligence on these tasks an excellent indicator on whether or not you 
will make a good officer for this club. 

Communication Problems: 
Many of you have had trouble viewing the google group, and to fix this 
problem we have decided to take a blanket approach to getting out 
information.  We will create a facebook page with information, send 
emails, and post on the google group and on our upcoming website 
(sdsuflyingsamaritans.weebly.com/index.html).  Hopefully this will get 
everyone the information they need. If you find that you are getting 
too many emails, let me know and I will take you off the list.  I 
understand how annoying that can be. 

Temporary List of Supplies 
Triage Supplies 
•     BP Cuffs (5) 
•     Stethoscopes (5) 

Office/Organization Supplies 
•     8 gallon hinged file boxes (6) 
•     Tables 
•     Chairs 
•     Manila folders 
•     Pens 
•     Post-its 
•     Rubbermaid tubs of various sizes (30) 
•     General filing supplies 
•     Cabinets 

•     Ibprofen 
•     Benadryl 
•     Cough Syrup 
•     Multivitamins 

•     Pepper Spray 
•     Walkie Talkies 

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