Clinic Stations:

Three papers:

A lot of mistakes will be made in the Triage. However lets try to limit it and learn from it. Write it down and prevent it from next time. Make notes of good/bad.

Cal State fullerton and UCSD will be attending as well. They will be wearing navy blue and white. They are there if you have a question. Everyone bring 5$ to donate for gas (except those whom are driving)

We will have three doctors, 1 shadower, and 1 translator. As the shadower, make sure the doctor is happy. Bring some donations if you have some. Extra clothes or toys, shoes, etc.

TRIAGE- Move people to the front with serious problems. Those that are dehydrated or feel ill must be moved to the front of the pile. Write legibly whenever you are doing anything for the clinic.

Station 2: Records. Writing down the names of each person legibly. Each station will be rotated throughout the day. You will get a little taste of everything. There are way too many people going to the clinic, however it’s okay because we can benefit from more man power. An hour or two hours at each station.

Kids Station: in the street somewhere. Jacqueline will no be there so

Supplies to bring: Kleenex, Batteries, Rubbing alcohol, extension cords, clothespins, A lunch and WATER. Lunch will be provided but bring food that you would prefer. Close toed shoes. Bed sheets.  THe rooms will be sectioned off with bed sheets. If you have extra ones please donate them!

Safety: We are number one. DO not put yourself in danger for someone else. Driving down there look out for one another. Be in radio contact the entire time. If someone is left behind everyone should know. Everyone that goes will come back safe. Do not wander. When we drive inevitable we come in contact with Mexican soldiers, be cooperative and move on. Very little chance of this happening. Obey speed limit, each car will be numbered with a walky talky.

Drivers: Let me know about insurance ASAP. If your insurance covers you into Mexico, let Matt know.

Doctors: Mario Lopez, Tarantino, Dr. Patel

Lab: Glucose tests and urine analysis. Be sanitary. Wash hands, use hand santizer, wear gloves. Keep YOURSELF SAFE FIRST.  

Exam Room:


1.)   General Doctor Patient Assesment Paper

2.)   Lab Results

3.)   Pharmacy List

Three Exam Rooms

T1-T6 Triage

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