To qualify for the next clinic we will be using a Point System. 30-35 Slots for Next Clinic which will be December 3rd.
If you provide a PA, Dr. Or RN you qualify for the first two points.

Point #1- Enough Slots in Column 1 for the amount of people to go to the Clinic ( about 35 people)
Supplies for supply list ( Let Matt know in advance what you would like to donate ahead of time so that we don't get an overflow of one supply)
Attend an Event* Include:
                        November 5th- Professionals Recruiting Trip- Getting out there and Recruting Physicians etc.
                        November 12th- Organize Supplies and Put Expiration Dates on Medications ( Need 10 people)
If you are an EMT, Nurse, or Nursing Student
Point #2
Spanish Speaker
5 Dollar Donation
Attend a Fundrasier*
                        November 17th- Daphne's 4:00 pm to close.
Point #3
Attend and Orientation ( We had a lot of problems with protocol on the day, we need to develop a synchronized system)
                        November 19th (Time TBA) - everyone who is going to attend the clinic needs to attend this         Orientation. MANDATORY FOR EVERY BODY

So you need 3 points to attend the next CLINIC. DUE DATE FOR ALL POINTS November 28th. Next Clinic is December 3rd.  Number of People needed for next clinic: 35 ( if we don't have 35 members we will get members from UCSD or Fullerton)

Goals for the Future:
    To create a strong foundation and maintain The SDSU Flying Samaritan's Chapter. This club provides an edge for those whom are applying to prehealth professional schools. Lets keep up the go

Matthew Schrader
11/2/2011 03:50:57 pm

an RN will not get you the first two points. the professional you provide must be able to prescribe medications.

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