I.Ice Breaker

-Why did you decide to join Flying Sam’s?

-What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

II. Officer Introductions

-Ruth: President

-Randy: Pharmacy Coordinator 

-Hayley: Secretary

-Rasa: Tresurer

-Jen: Vice President

-Gabe: Vice President

-Jose: Resource Coordinator

III.Clinic Information

-We meet at 7am and leave the clinic around 3:30-4pm. Coming back to the US depends on boarder traffic

-Dr’s, PA’s, RN, OBGN have come to the clinic before. A surgeon, Dr Patal, and PA is expected to come to the upcoming clinic

-We are taking 25 people to this coming clinic. Priority will be given to people with certifications such as RN or EMT, drivers, and people that participate in the fundraisers

-We have a triage station, lab station with urinalysis and glucose testing, pharmacy, and opportunities to shadow the doctors

-Must have passport or passport card in order to come to the clinic

IV. Requirements 

-For the upcoming clinic you must:

1.Fill out an Application with member fee ($20)

2.Buy Scrubs ($15)

3.Attend a meeting before a clinic trip. 

4.Attend a fundraiser or donate $10 (Barwest or Krispy Kreme)

V. Barwest Fundraiser
-Thank you to everyone that came to the Barwest fundraiser! We made over $500 which was a great success

-Someone didn't claim their raffle prize from the fundraiser (surfing lessons) so we are raffling them off to anyone at the meeting tonight

VI. Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
-We are doing a Krispy Kreme fundraiser on October 3rd (Wednesday).

-We are passing out a sign up sheet with one hour slots that people can sign up for to work the table

-It will be on Campanile Walkway which is in front of Hepner Hall for those who don’t know

-This will satisfy the requirement for the fundraiser category to be eligible to attend the clinic

VII. Princeton Review
-We spoke to a representative at Princeton Review and have decided to do an auction for an MCAT prep class which has a value of $2000

-We are starting the bidding at $1000

-Also we have codes for 10% off of the class when the Rep. attends one of our meetings

-Officers get 20% off

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