Meeting 4/2/12 Minutes
Officer Elections- April 30th
Next Semester-We will be implementing a system to attend a certain number of meetings and clinics to be a member. People who cannot go to Mexico- requirement of 4 meetings
Next Clinic- April 14th Meet at Alturra Apartments as usual there will be a health fair this weekend 70-100 people expected
1 PA, 1 Dr, and 1 PA student will be attending as well as 70 to 100 patients 
Remember* 20$ member fee and 11$ for a shirt
Unspoken requiremnt- bring a doctor to a clinic and or pa you do not need to do the requirements for the rest of the semester
On Clinic days Bring 5$ for gas and 5$for mexican insurance.
Banquest- May 4th at Chilis
Flying Sams conference

Froylan Garcia
4/10/2012 03:03:20 pm

I will be bringing Toothpaste (2), Curtain (2) for the next clinic April 14

6/17/2012 03:56:48 pm

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