1.      Introductions

2.      Elections

    a.       Health coordinator Duties– coordinate health education to patients why waiting, hook up with public health club on campus, how to wash hands, treat food, infectious disease.... while waiting to see dr.

    b.      Children Coordinator Duties– take care of patients family, piñata, something to keep them occupied

    c.       President – Matthew Schrader

    d.      Vice President – Andrew good initiative, does things on own

    e.       Ruth Aguilar been there every step of way, Junior, knows Spanish, volunteer at clinic for underrepresented people, medical interpreter, volunteer at hospital in Mexico, helped with transporting meds

    f.        Treasurer – Rasa Rafie head coordinator at sharp Grossmont for volunteering experience in finance, sophmore

    g.       Secretary – Ayda part of CPO and AMSA, PR for both of them, organized, timely, get things done, VP of theta for a year, parents club chair before

    h.      Clinic Coordinator – do we have necessary people, their roles and responsibilities, have proper supplies for day.

        Hailey – coordinator for careers and health class, internship with red cross.

        Gabe – Junior, went to first clinic with UCSD, knows Spanish

        Mitzi – 4th year, pre-med before nursing, global action committee leader at AMSA, formed photos for peace, volunteer with IFC? Refugee camp, employee at SHARP health care, committee with California nursing awareness implement Spanish program

    i.         Pharmacy Coordinator Duties– responsible for running pharmacy on clinic days, keeps medications up to date. Randy Stuck– pre-pharm, with alpha phi omega, VP of ballroom dancing club

    j.         Publicity Chair – responsible for advertising for club-Kristen Phillips

    k.       Web Master – Brandon

    l.         Fundraising Chair – Elena organized with Angela 2 of fundraisers now coldstone and panda starting Monday, sold candy bars at beginning, fundraising co chair for AED for year, volunteering Co-chair this year

    m.    Health education coordinator – Angela volunteering for AED last year co-chair, blood drives, fundraising for AED this year, on student health advisory board at SDSU, work with nutrition, took topics in medicine

    n.      Children coordinator – Kristen, Jacqueline – volunteer at pediatrics office, volunteer leader for young life work with HS kids and middle school, volunteer for big brothers big sisters, speak Spanish, can’t come to first clinic


    o.      Elena and Angela have set up 2 fundraisers

    p.      Ruth

    q.      Andrew

    r.       Brandon helped with website

    s.       Ayda got 17 people to go to padres game

    t.        Bryant

    u.      Jose

    v.       Michelle Morales

3.      Updates

    a.       Have to participate in 1 fundraiser to go to

    b.      4 professionals for 1st clinic – just transported medications over border, constructing pharmacy for clinic, still need to get supplies

4.      Med sorting party in Mexico

    a.       This Sunday at 10:30

5.      Trips with CSUF, UCSD

    a.       Good opportunity to get acquainted with what we are doing to help out with day we are running clinic

6.      Stay Classy

    a.       http://www.stayclassy.org/charity/the-flying-samaritans-san-diego-state-university/c6873 posted on facebook and website to donate online

7.      Dues

    a.       Due Oct. 10th

8.      Panda

    a.       3:30-5:30 on Monday!! Bring Flyer

9.      Driving

    a.       Check with insurance company if covered

10.  Groups

    a.       Professionals

    b.      Fundraising

    c.       Supplies

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