Clinic 3 Updates
33 Patients
Next Clinic:  Will be MARCH 10th We will be having more patients, therefore we need to follow procedures and be accurate and quick as possible.
Eligibility requirements are switched up due to the different supplies that are needed.
REQUIREMENT: 1 meeting, 1 fundraiser/event, 1 item. If you are an EMT or spanish speaker you are no longer allowed to be exempt from one of the requirements. Everyone is required to to attend 1 meeting, fundraiser/event, and 1 item. In the case that we have MORE THAN 30 Volunteers, priority will be given to EMT's, Drivers, Spanish Speakers, member activity etc.
If you cannot attend meeting you will need to bring an extra item. An updated list of items will be on the website.
We want to start providing patients with follow ups and also keep statistics of the patients.
Banquet- Late April

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Thanks for providing this information. It’s really useful.

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