Hello Flying Samaritans, 
I would like to get a running list of people in the club with access 
to trucks or large SUVs.  If you wouldn't mind sparing your truck or 
SUV occassionally please reply back and post your name and number 
because we can definitely use your help (the more we get the easier it 
will be for all of us).  Also at the end of this post, is an updated 
list of supplies needed to run our clinic.  We need to get going on 
checking these supplies off this list.  Keep making those 
connections!  For example, I recently talked to my roommate's 
girlfriend who is a 3rd year med student at Stanford, and asked if she 
could help out with some of these supplies and she said she could.  We 
also need to keep up with contacting professionals.  I shadowed a 
spanish speaking doctor last semester and I just added him on facebook 
and asked if I could shadow him again.  When I show up to his office, 
I will ask him if he would like to be part of the club in person. 
This month, UCI's branch wasn't able to get a doctor to commit to 
attend their clinic.  I want to make sure that we have enough contacts 
to where this NEVER happens to us.  Keep up the good work! 

Matthew Schrader 

Here is the updated list of needed supplies as of 8-22-11: 

Triage Supplies 
•     BP Cuffs (5) 
•     Scales (5) 
•     Stethoscopes 
•     Thermometers (5) 
•     Gloves 
•     Hand Sanitizer 
•     Alcoholic Wipes 
•     Lifescan Unistik 2 
•     Urine Analysis Kits 
•     Bio hazard containers 

Office/Organization Supplies 
•     8 gallon hinged file boxes (6) 
•     Manilla folders 
•     Pens 
•     Post-its 
•     Rubbermaid tubs of various sizes (30) 

Medical Supplies 
•     Tourniquets 
•     Latex Gloves 
•     Nebulizers/tubing 
•     Syringes 
•     Hydrogen Peroxide wipes 
•     Syringes 
•     Sutures 
•     Scalpels 
•     Precision glide needles 
•     Earloop face masks 
•     Sodium Chloride: Normal Saline 
•     Surgical Scissors 
•     IV Materials (tubing, hanger) 
•     Intubate materials 
•     Toilet paper 
•     Kleenex 
•     Crutches 
•     Exam Bed Paper Lining 

•     Paper/ plastic bags 
•     Walkie Talkies 
•     Pepper Spray 

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